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Door Supervision Course

Course Overview



Door Supervision

Award for Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry

First Aid

Team Leading

Customer Service 

Personal Development for Employability

The Benefits of Training Strategies

What sets us apart from other organisations is the fact that we pay for your SIA Badge Licence once you have successfully completed the course; saving you the cost of training and the licence.


An amount the majority of training providers would leave you to pay before you’re even able to begin your employment search. With Training Strategies, for no personal cost you will receive first aid training, full employment training and official industry licencing meaning you can find work cheaper and easier than ever before.


During the course you will


Learn how to effectively use Customer Service & Employability skills 


Acquire knowledge of

the security industry


Learn how to deal with security threats quickly

& efficiently

This high quality pre-employment course we offer exceeds industry standards and develops your skills and understanding in a range of areas around the SIA field.


During your time on our course you gain all of the required knowledge to pass the multiple choice exams on the final day of the course.

We are well aware of how daunting examinations can be, and how worried you may be to succeed, but we assure you there is no need to panic. Our expert assessors provide information, advice and guidance throughout the entire training process ensuring you are fully prepared for success. That's why 98.6% of our learners that complete their training achieve their qualifications.

How was your security course?

- Daniel Burke

I did a training course in the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool with Mick Shutt. The course was really good, Mick was very knowledgeable; and I thought he was sound. His way of teaching made things so much easier, it made going to do the course worthwhile. 

Instead of talking at you, he spoke to you. For me, Training Strategies were so accommodating. Obviously there were other providers, but as it turns out... I chose the best one.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your course right for me?

Here's what sets Training Strategies apart from other training providers:

  1. Unlike other training providers, we provide completely free training but it doesn't stop there, we also pay the full cost (£184) for your SIA licence application once you've completed the training course.

  2. Our expert assessors will guarantee you have the vital knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in a variety of security roles.

  3. Our involvement doesn't stop there. We often have hundreds of vacancies wanting to be filled with our partner organisations, such as G4S, Carlisle Security, etc.

How can I book on to the course?

It's easy, you can either book online by entering your details on our sign up form below or call our team of experts on 0151 523 9655.

How do I know if I am eligible to complete the course?

From a short phone call, our advisors will ask a few questions to guide you through the entire sign up process and establish if you're eligible to complete the course.

When will I receive my exam results?

Once you have completed your training you will receive your exam results within 4 weeks.

If I've completed the course, how do I get my SIA licence?

Our assessors will cover the licence application process during the training, however, if you require any assistance after the course our experts will help you complete your SIA application and once it is approved, we will pay the full cost.

What job roles can I work in once I have completed the course?

The SIA qualification and licence allows you to work in a variety of security roles, from: pubs, bars, restaurants, and retail and office buildings.

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Sign Up

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