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Our Testimonials

What would you say to someone interested in a training course?

Go for it. Don't let anything hold you back. Face your fears. Overcome... because it is interesting; meeting new people, learning new skills and the opportunity for a fresh start.

- Paul Scanlon


How was your experience with Training Strategies?

I did a training course in the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool with Mick Shutt. The course was really good, Mick was very knowledgeable; and I thought he was sound. His way of teaching made things so much easier, it made going to do the course worthwhile. 

Instead of talking at you, he spoke to you. For me, Training Strategies were so accommodating. Obviously there were other providers, but as it turns out... I chose the best one.

- Daniel Burke


Your Feedback

We have always pushed to be a flexible training provider to ensure our learners come first, that's why we appreciate any and all feedback that can help us to improve our methods of training and delivery and to help as many individuals as possible. 

If you have completed a training course with us, please leave us a review.

Your review goes a long way to let us know what improvements can be made along the training journey and can help other interested people know more about the quality of our training prior to starting a course. 

If you would prefer to get in touch with a member of staff to discuss this, please send an email to or call us on 0151 523 9655.

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