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IAG Policy

Last Updated: November 2021

Policy Statement

Training Strategies Ltd as an approved provider of apprenticeships, and other bespoke training programmes, we provide a high standard of impartial Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) to our clients throughout their programme. We maintain successful accreditation with the Matrix standard.


The aim of our IAG is to ensure that all learners and our potential learners, have
equal access to impartial information, advice and guidance and are supported in
their chosen progression opportunities, providing them with information and advice
that empowers them to make self-determined choices about learning and

Objectives for the Individual

  • Increased levels of participation in the labour market and learning

  • Improved career prospects

  • Increased earning power

  • More personal fulfilment (confidence, self-assurance, self-worth)

  • Higher aspirations

Objectives for TSL

To provide information advice and guidance to potential candidates and existing learners which results in:

  • Retention rates of over 90% (classroom)

  • Programme success rates of over 90% (classroom)

  • Retention rates 5% above national average (apprenticeship)

  • Success rates 5% above national average (apprenticeship)

  • Enabling learners to get into programmes and provide them with the IAG to be able to successfully start their programmes. This will be measured by the numbers of starts following the IAG process.

  • Enabling learners to get on and support them to achieve their qualification. This is measured by qualification success rates.

  • Enabling learners to move on and help them progress to subsequent programmes . This will be measured by progression rates.

  • Enabling learners to have a high quality experience on their programmes. This will be measured by learner feedback and observation of key learner processes.

  • Provide individual interviews for all learners when requested.

  • Always undertake Initial assessment of key/functional skills and offer additional support if required.

  • Agree an Individual Learning Plan and understanding the composition of the Learning Agreement.

  • Ensure regular progress reviews taking place.

  • That applicants have a clear understanding of TSL’s offer and have been assisted in the correct choice of course.

  • Signposting to other agencies or providers taking place where TSL is not the correct choice for the client.

  • Set a target of 50% job outcomes contract year

Statement of Service

  • Assist applicants to make the correct choice of course by providing comprehensive information about courses on request and provide high quality information in various communication formats.

  • Where our provision does not meet applicant’s needs we will refer and signpost them to suitable alternative provision. Learners will only be signposted to authorised agencies which are on our approved referrals list.

  • Ensure all learners have a one-to-one IAG interview at the earliest opportunity following a request from the student.

  • Ensure we have convenient entry points for our clients to access at times and places to suit their needs.

  • Ensure we provide comprehensive information advice and guidance during the programme.

  • At induction IAG will include an introduction to the learning programme, an explanation of the learner handbook and an explanation of the contents of the Learning Agreement.

  • Learners will receive information on how to complete the Initial Assessments.

  • Further IAG is given via additional support as required, either one-to-one with a tutor or learners are signposted to additional support materials.

  • An in-depth Skill Scan will also be undertaken and advice and guidance given on the next steps in the programme.

  • If the learner is to request APL an individual interview must be arranged and the IAG process recorded.

  • Learners are given a comprehensive explanation of the assessment process and receive the requisite IAG to complete their assessments.

  • Learner reviews are used to monitor and review the progress made on the course before and information, advice and guidance will assist learners to set targets to help learners progress.

IAG progression opportunities will be embedded in a one-to-one discussion with the assessor and further opportunities about the moving on process can be either signposted by provision of marketing materials for routes on offer.

These objectives and the Statement of Service can be measured through self-assessment and quality reviews.

Any questions, queries or concerns relating to our IAG Policy, our standards or requirements detailed within, should be directed in the first instance to your line Manager.

Training Strategies’ IAG Policy is a living document and its relevance will be assessed on an annual basis by the Directors. If appropriate, the policy will be amended, to reflect the ongoing requirements of our business, its staff and our sector and any industry updates and relevant changes.

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