“Training Strategies are always so professional and great to work with; they're so organised and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to complete an Apprenticeship”.

Team Leading Level 2

Tell us about your experience completing an Apprenticeship.

I started a Level 2 Team Leader Apprenticeship with Training Strategies and from the beginning I knew it was going to be a great learning experience; the support I received from my assessor was brilliant and ensured I had the knowledge and experience I needed to successfully complete my qualification. Once I completed the Apprenticeship, I was able to progress into a more senior role, which gave me more responsibility including managing a team member.

How did you first come in to contact with Training Strategies?

It was my line manager who first mentioned the opportunity to train for an industry-based qualification and put me in touch with Training Strategies to begin my enrolment process and decide which apprenticeship was most suitable for my current job. I was also eager to consider the future career progression I hoped for and this also has an impact on my decision.

What were your motivation for wanting to complete our Team Leading Apprenticeship?

I have always been interested in becoming a manager and really wanted to complete a qualification that would help me gain the skills and knowledge to do so. Training Strategies were so dedicated to helping me achieve this - without them it wouldn't have been possible.

What was the highlight of your Apprenticeship?

I would say the highlight has been learning new skills about being a team leader and the confidence the course has given me in my current role as a learning and development coordinator. These newly developed skills I have acquired on the apprenticeship have given me a new found confidence when completing more complex work tasks. In the last few months, we have recruited an apprentice into the department, which has been hugely beneficial to the team but also for myself; it has allowed me to put both theoretical and practical skills to the test. This apprenticeship has not only helped me with my career but also in my personal life on how to handle difficult situations.

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    “Now that I have completed my Level 2 apprenticeship, I am really interested in progressing to the next level and ocmpleting a Management/Leadership qualification. I have already discussed this opportunity wiht my line manager as I am eager ot continue with my worplace studying with Training Strategies.” – Erin Ambrose, Team Leading Level 2 Apprenticeship Learner.