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What Is a Traineeship?

Traineeships are a new and exciting opportunity to help young people aged 16-18 to get work ready for a career. It is a short 10-16 week pre-apprenticeship programme which provides work experience, employability skills and maths and English skills development.

Whether you are an employer looking to recruit fresh talent to grow your business or a young person looking for a chance to develop their skills, and gain work experience a Traineeship offers a range of mutual benefits.

To be eligible you must of course be between 19-24 years old, and technically they can last from 6 weeks to up to 1 year.

Additionally, if you are not currently qualified in functional skills, your traineeship will help you develop those skills whilst you gain qualifications in your chosen field of employment – traineeships are the future of work experience as they so beneficial for both you, the learner and the employer!

If you are interested in a traineeship, you can always find available traineeships near you on the government website.

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    What You Will Do

    • You will be involved with work-based programmes, our experts will guide you to a training course that is appropriate and relevant to your current job role and business level.
    • You will gain relevant knowledge and real life experience.
    • Our expert coaches will provide constant support and guidance during your course, ensuring you’re confident and comfortable at all times. The strong three-way communication links we develop between Tutor/Assessor, candidates and employers ensures there is a constant thread of contact that guarantees all involved are happy with the service provided at Training Strategies.
    • Depending on the course you are completing and the industry in which you’re working, you may also complete free Functional Skills English and Maths courses to increase your confidence and knowledge.
    • You will not be required to do any further learning but we have many options available for you to continue your education after you complete your traineeship; you may be interested in learning more about your chosen field and you can gain higher level qualifications and more experience while you earn money.
    • Once you’ve completed your training programme you’ll achieve your qualification and receive your course certificates.

    The Benefits

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    Being able to learn in a safe environment from professionals who you will build a relationship with is hugely beneficial for you. You will gain experience in your chosen field while enjoying your time doing so.

    Our training courses help to improve your understanding of the role and equip you with the tools for success, guaranteeing job satisfaction and helping to bring fresh ideas to the business.

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    You will gain a qualification for no personal cost; and you have the chance to move on to further education in your chosen field!