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Course: Health & Social Care
Study Period: 10 days
Qualification: Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
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What’s In It For You?

  • The chance to develop industry relevant skills and enhance your understanding of key practices to apply to the job role.
  • Start a career in an industry you’re genuinely interested in.
  • The opportunity to find immediate employment through our partnerships with local care organisations.
  • Earn great money once you start working.
  • Career progression – this is the start point of your new career, once you have gained experience you may have the opportunity to progress to more advanced training and working levels.

Why Use TSL?

For over a decade we have trained and qualified individuals in the health and social care sector, and are confident that the skills you will acquire from our course will ensure you’re able to succeed in employment within this industry.

Our detailed screening and development process has guaranteed that our assessors are leaders in their specific industry, and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to ensure you will complete the course to the best of your ability. We are so proud of the communication links we establish with our learners – we strive to be flexible and approachable at all times and will support every step of your training journey, preparing you for employment.

Another reason as to why TSL are the right choice for you is our commitment to helping you find employment once you’ve completed the course. From our partnership with a variety of organisations within this industry, we often have hundreds of job vacancies we can put you forward for.

Course Overview

At Training Strategies our Health & Social Care course allows individuals with an interest in working within this industry to develop knowledge, gain experience and qualify to work in a sector that is always growing and seeking new staff.  This is the ideal course for you if you want to start your first job in the care industry.

Our high quality pre-employment course exceeds industry standards and develops learners’ skills and understanding in a range of areas, including: how to communicate within adult social care settings, principles of safe guarding, diversity and inclusion, and understanding the role of the social care worker.

Course Content

The Health & Social Care course runs over a 10 day period and is divided into 4 compulsory components:

  • The different types of adult social care services and their purposes.
  • Understanding the role of the social care worker.
  • The skills and attitudes needed to work within the sector.
  • How to communicate effectively in an adult social care setting.
  • How to monitor and keep the correct records for all of those requiring care.
  • How to effectively deal with queries, complaints and problems in the care sector.
  • Understanding the principles of safeguarding in the care sector.
  • The values carers should possess and why they are important.
  • The importance of equality and respecting different cultures and diversity.
  • The significance of protection, prevention and empowerment.
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with those in need at all times.
  • Understanding the importance of establishing and maintaining a safe environment for all.
  • Taking personal responsibility for following safety procedures when handling individuals and equipment.
  • The importance of personal hygiene.
  • Understanding the importance of keeping the work areas clean and hygienic.

Assessment Process

Unlike many of our other pre-employment courses, this programme does not have an examination on the final day. Instead, you will be assessed on the work you have completed during the course and submitted to your assessor in your portfolio.

We know how stressful assessments can be, but there is no need to panic. Our experts will be on hand to provide information, advice and guidance throughout the entire training process ensuring you’re fully prepared and completing work to the best possible standard.

Here are some numbers we’re proud of:


of our learners have completed their training and achieved the course qualification.


of these learners were later helped into employment with the support Training Strategies.

Don’t Miss Out!

We’re securing the funding to cover all costs, advancing your industry skills to ensure you’re at the highest possible working standard and even putting you in touch with our partner organisations to find employment.

All you need to do is attend …
We’ll help with everything else!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what sets TSL apart from other training providers:

  1. Our expert assessors will guarantee you have the vital knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in a variety of security roles.
  2. Unlike other training providers, we pay the full cost price (£220) of your SIA badge licence once you’ve completed the course.
  3. Our involvement doesn’t stop there. We often have hundreds of vacancies wanting to be filled with our partner organisations, such as G4S, Carlisle Security etc.

It’s easy. You can either book online by entering your details below or call our team of experts on 0151 705 6799.

From a short phone conversation, our advisors will ask a few questions to guide you through the entire sign up process and establish if you’re eligible to complete the course and receive full funding.

There is no examination for this pre-employment course; you will be assessed through the portfolio of work you have completed to show you have developed the correct skills. Once you’ve completed all units and passed the portfolio requirements we will process your certificate.

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