Are you looking for work in a new industry?

Have you considered a pre-employment training course to take those next steps in securing your future work success?

At Training Strategies we believe everybody deserves a fair chance of finding employment and earning a wage.

For the past decade it has been our mission to provide unemployed members of our communities with the training, guidance and support to help make employment a reality.

As an OFSTED accredited training provider, our pre-employment courses will strengthen your work opportunities by developing job related skillsets to help you secure a permanent position.

Pending on you meeting the desired criteria to qualify for our pre-employment courses, Training Strategies will arrange government funding to cover all costs. All you have to do is have the passion to succeed and willingness to develop the skills to not only find employment but to progress with it also.

We are happy to guide you through the entire process – beginning with outlining the type of employment you feel is most suitable to you and what you’d enjoy, as well as arranging government funding to cover the entire course cost should you be eligible.  

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We offer a variety of skills development qualifications in a wealth of industries to boost your employability.

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    What is a Pre-Employment Course?

    Pre-employment courses are designed to help unemployed members of our society not only find work, but to guarantee that when you do, you’re equipped with the right workforce skills to succeed within the business. We want to get you ready for the working world.

    At Training Strategies, our courses are tailored to individual business needs and therefore we develop the skills of potential new staff to the their standards and expectations. Our programmes are designed to match your job interests and prospects with a suitable course and potential organisation for future work.

    Do You Qualify?

    In order to qualify for the government funding you must meet the following criteria:

    19+ employability icon

    You must be aged 19 or over to complete our training courses.


    You must be unemployed or working part-time and earning less than £15,736.50 per annum.

    Can you provide a five-year checkable address history?

    Can you prove you have lived in the EU for three+ years.

    How the Funding Works

    We can secure government funding to cover the overall cost of your training course. Depending on the course, Training Strategies will cover other expenses including travel and industry licence.

    What are the Benefits of Pre-Employment Courses?

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    A Pre-employment course is the first step to securing employment and will set you apart from other candidates at the interview stage.

    Course search icon

    Our experts will ensure your interests and future job desires are considered when matching you with the most suitable course.

    Funding for employability course

    Once we’ve guaranteed you’ve met the correct criteria, we can source and secure the government funding to cover the full course cost of your training.

    Learn new skills on employability course icon

    Our course will provide you with the skills and attitudes to kick-start your career and give you a deeper understanding of the job role you desire, guaranteeing employment success.

    The training we provide will set you apart from other candidates and ensure you are most appealing and interesting to employers. Once you’ve completed the course, you will have developed a wealth of strong interview skills to succeed.

    You will be fully trained for employment at no personal cost to yourself. As well as this, where possible we will put in touch with our partner organisations that have hundreds of available vacancies waiting to be filled.

    We Help Learners Gain Pre-Employment Experience in the Following Sectors:

    Security Industry Authority (SIA) Certificate

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    Taxi Driving

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    Warehousing & Storage

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    Health & Social Care

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    Contact Centre

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    Customer Service

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    Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

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    Forklift Truck Licence (FLT)

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