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Despite the fact that we’ve worked tirelessly for the last decade to break the stigma around apprenticeships, many people still have the misconception that they are not of the same high standard as university degrees.

Allow us at TSL to tell you why this isn’t true.

When it comes to apprenticeships, there is still a major misconception that dominates today’s society; many still believe that employability training and apprenticeships are somehow inferior to the degrees offered at university. Allow us at TSL to tell you why this is no longer the case.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are employment-training programmes that we deliver on the job, ensuring your child is not only developing theoretical skills but also putting new practical skills to the test from the offset.

This combination, pairing workforce experience alongside education training, is invaluable to your child for employment prospects and developing their social skills and confidence in the workplace.

There’s never been a better time to pursue an apprenticeship; here’s why …

  • No debts – in comparison to a university degree, which costs the average student around £37,500 in course fees and maintenance loans, your child wont pay anything towards an apprenticeship cost.
  • Another financial bonus – as well as apprenticeship course costs being covered, your child will earn while they learn. Each apprentice receives an hourly wage whilst training.
  • By the time your child would’ve completed three years at university and began their search for permanent employment, they could have completed an apprenticeship and have their career underway, developing expertise in their chosen industry.
  • A lot of the business sectors we work with are currently battling a skills shortage, as scarce numbers of young adults are pursuing the apprenticeship route to fill these positions. As a result of this, employers are offering attractive starting salaries with clear career progression opportunities.


Training Strategies understand how important it is for you to inform your child of all the options available so that together you can make the best decision for their future.

We are well aware that there’s lots of contradictory information everywhere you look, but we feel it is so important that you are given the correct facts about apprenticeships.

If your child is considering an apprenticeship, or you think it is an avenue you should mention to them, you’re right. Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to develop work-based skills and begin earning a wage within an industry that has clear career progression.

Having imparted our knowledge of industry training to over 3,000 learners, we are so proud of our achievement rate of 98.4% (significantly higher than the national average of 85.4%). As an OFSTED accredited training provider, Training Strategies are happy to guide your child through the entire process.

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