Learner FAQs

Learner FAQs

We’re asked a lot of questions at TSL, so in order to make the process easier for you we have included the most common we receive along with the solutions we have provided.


  • Pre-Employment Courses
  • Apprenticeships


Pre-employment courses are designed to help unemployed members of our society not only find work, but to guarantee that when you do, you’re equipped with the right workforce skills to succeed within the business. We want to get you ready for the working world.

In order to qualify for the government’s Adult Education Budget (AEB) funding you must be unemployed.

For more information, contact our team of pre-employment experts today to discuss your employment training interests and to discover if you qualify for full funding.

Depending on the pre-employment course and industry that you want to work in, the programme can range from 5-12 days.

At Training Strategies, our courses are classroom based and delivered by industry experts, who work hard to ensure your entire training process is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  • Our programmes are designed to match your job interests with a suitable course and potential organisation for future work.
  • Our courses are tailored to individual business needs and therefore we develop your skills to the their standards and expectations.
  • The training we provide will set you apart from other candidates applying for the same roles and ensure you are most appealing and interesting to employers.
  • You will be fully trained for employment and it will cost you £0 – if you’re eligible for full funding, we will secure it with the government.
  • Unlike the majority of other training providers, depending on the pre-employment course you have completed, TSL will fund your industry licence or badge once you have gained your qualification. For example, for our SIA course, we pay for the licence (worth £220) once you’ve completed. For taxi driving, we pay for your unique driver licence (worth £254) once you have achieved your qualification.
  • What sets us apart from other organisations is the fact that we have such a high standard of assessors working within our organisation. They are industry experts who will provide exceptional information; advice and guidance to ensure you successfully complete the course.
  • We are flexible, approachable and will support every step of your training journey, preparing you for employment.
  • Our commitment to helping you find employment once you’ve completed the course. From our partnership with a variety of organisations within this industry, we often have hundreds of job vacancies we can put you forward for.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will have developed strong interview skills to succeed within that pressured environment. From our partnership with a variety of organisations from many different industries, we often have hundreds of job vacancies we can put you forward for.


Apprenticeships are employment-training programmes that we deliver on the job, ensuring you are not only developing theoretical skills but also putting new practical skills to the test from the offset. As they are government / employer funded programmes, you have no costs for your training and qualification.

They are a great opportunity to develop skills and confidence to progress within your industry sector.

It wont cost you anything; your apprenticeship-training course will either be largely funded by the government’s co-investment scheme, whereby they pay 95% of the cost, or through the money your employer has already paid into the Apprenticeship Levy scheme. You can advance your career without any money worries or the pressures of student debts.

The average for most apprenticeship courses are 1 year, however depending on the industry and level of qualification they can range from 1-5 years.

80% of your course will be completed on the job, putting your newly developed skills into practice from the offset with the support of your employer. The remaining 20% will be spent working closely with your assessor. This will develop your theoretical industry knowledge and understanding of how your newly developed skillsets can drive your business forward.

Our expert coaches will provide constant support and guidance during your course, ensuring you’re confident and comfortable at all times. The strong three-way communication links we develop between assessors, candidates and employers ensures there is a constant thread of contact that guarantees all involved are happy with the service provided at Training Strategies.

  • You “earn while you learn”. You have the chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification in your specific industry whilst earning a wage.
  • You will develop skills and enhance your industry knowledge meaning you are able to fulfil your job role more effectively.
  • As the course is government or employer funded, you can advance your career without any money worries or the pressures of student debts.
  • By completing our training programmes you’re showing willingness to learn and bring fresh ideas to the business.
  • Our training courses help to improve your understanding of the role and equip you with the tools for success, guaranteeing job satisfaction.
  • Our training courses develop and increase your industry knowledge, and the information, advice and guidance of our assessor’s will improve your workplace performance and understanding of your job role.
  • As you are already employed, you have the opportunity to “earn while you learn”. Our training programmes are designed to allow you to work towards a nationally recognised qualification whilst earning a wage.
  • The training courses we offer are available at a range of different business levels, from Level 2 upwards. Meaning you don’t have to be a new employee to have the opportunity to complete apprenticeships and progress within the business.
  • Depending on the apprenticeship you have completed, you may have the opportunity to progress to the next level of study with TSL.

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