Apprenticeships: Have you considered an on-the-job training course to further your career?

Now is the time to take those next steps and secure your future successes.


If you’re looking to develop your knowledge, gain an industry-based qualification whilst working on the job and advance your career prospects, you’re at the right place. As an OFSTED accredited training provider, Training Strategies are happy to guide you through the entire process – starting with talking to your employer and outlining how such training programmes are an investment for not only you, the employee, but also for the business, impacting the wider organisation by adding value and increasing growth.



  1. Have you considered an on-the-job training course to further your career?
  2. What is an apprenticeship?
  3. What’s in it for you?
  4. What you’ll do.
  5. The benefits.

What is an Apprenticeship?

At Training Strategies, we’re well aware of the stigma that associates apprenticeships and employment training with stereotypical teens exploring work and training options post-GCSE. For over a decade we have challenged this mindset and through our course success rates, we have shown that training programmes can be most impactful when used to upskill existing business employees at various levels.  Our employment training programmes are delivered on the job, ensuring you’re not only developing theoretical skills but also putting new practical skills to the test from the offset.

What You’ll Do

  • As apprenticeships are work-based programmes, our experts will guide you to a training course that is appropriate and relevant to your current job role and business level.
  • 80% of your course will be completed on the job, putting your newly developed skills into practice from the offset. The remaining 20% will be spent working closely with your assessor. This will develop your theoretical industry knowledge and understanding of how your newly developed skillsets can drive your business forward.
  • Our expert coaches will provide constant support and guidance during your course, ensuring you’re confident and comfortable at all times. The strong three-way communication links we develop between Tutor/Assessor, candidates and employers ensures there is a constant thread of contact that guarantees all involved are happy with the service provided at Training Strategies.
  • Depending on the course you are completing and the industry in which you’re working, you may also complete free Functional Skills English and Maths courses to increase your confidence and knowledge.
  • As part of your apprenticeship programme you may be required to complete an End-point Assessment (EPA) carried out by an independent organisation, which tests everything you have covered during the course.
  • Once you’ve completed your training programme you’ll achieve your qualification and receive your course certificates. Depending on the level you have completed, you may be able to progress on to higher levels of the programme.

The Benefits

  • Our training courses develop and increase your industry knowledge, and the information, advice and guidance of our assessor’s will improve your workplace performance and understanding of your job role.
  • Our assessors will enhance both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which you can put into practice to show your employer that you will bring a strong ROI for the business.
  • The fact that your employer is willing to invest in upskilling you and developing your industry knowledge through a training qualification shows their commitment to your future within the business and how valued you are. It also suggests you have a strong chance of progressing into more senior roles within the company.
  • As you are already employed, you have the opportunity to “earn while you learn”. Our training programmes are designed to allow you to work towards a nationally recognised qualification whilst earning a wage.
  • You will gain a qualification that will cost you £0 – your apprenticeship-training course will either be largely funded by the government’s co-investment scheme, whereby they pay 90% of the cost, or through the money your employer has already paid into the Apprenticeship Levy scheme. You can advance your career without any money worries or the pressures of student debts.
  • The training courses we offer are available at a range of different business levels, from Level 2 upwards. Meaning you don’t have to be a new employee to have the opportunity to complete apprenticeships and progress within the business.

What’s in it for you?



Our training programmes are designed to ensure you “earn while you learn”. You have the chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification in your specific industry whilst earning a wage.



You will develop skills and enhance your industry knowledge meaning you are able to fulfil your job role more effectively within your business.



On-the-job training gives you the opportunity to put your newly acquired skills into practice and show your employer that you will bring a strong ROI for the business.



Working for an employer who has shown a commitment to your future within the business by investing in your training and qualification shows you are valued and suggests you have a strong chance of progressing into more senior roles within the company.



Our training courses help to improve your understanding of the role and equip you with the tools for success, guaranteeing job satisfaction



By completing our training programmes you’re showing willingness to learn and bring fresh ideas to the business.

Testimonials / Call Outs 

Don’t just take our word, our past learners can tell you about their individual experience studying with Training Strategies.


“What more can I say about Training Strategies other than they’re a fantastic training provider – I would certainly recommend them to anybody thinking about undertaking apprenticeship training. I can’t praise them enough – good communication throughout the entire process and so encouraging and supportive. A big thumbs up from me” –

Terry McCormick, Liverpool, a past learner at Training Strategies.