I'm really happy with the training, assessors, account managers... Everything!

Julie O'Sullivan

Care Concepts - Madison Court



Our tutor was excellent. Training Strategies provided a good service and they were very supportive.


I enjoyed being treated as an adult within a learning environment. I think this is one of the main reasons the course ran smoothly.


I am happy to see a company so accommodating and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Elizabeth Drummond

SIA Course



Great work by Training Strategies. They are competent, flexible and responded quickly to any queries we had.


Overall, they are well organised and the assessor is very knowledgeable.


I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a training provider to work with Training Strategies.

Pat Bingham

Aaron Lodge Care Home



I have really enjoyed my experience. I come to Training Strategies every week, normally on a Monday. Working alongside [my assessor] has been really fun and I have learned so much.


The whole experience has been very positive. Being able to laugh and learn at the same time.

Katherine Bucktrout

Health & Social Care Level 2


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Before starting the course I suffered with mental health issues for a number of years and was struggling to find the help and guidance I needed within society to improve myself and my situation.

Dominic Stancliffe

SIA Traineeship



I completed a Level 2 Door Supervision training course.


Training Strategies provided a range of support throughout the duration of the course. They helped with finances and personal problems.


The treatment I received has helped with my confidence and hopes in finding a successful job. Also, the lessons and environment were relaxed yet very educational. I have really enjoyed my time and will miss it.

Frankie Bleasdale

SIA Traineeship, Learner



They are honest & responsive. They showed great expertise in a wide range of occupational areas and guided us to choose the qualifications that worked best for us.


I believe that our team is better now for having our training. The updates from Training Strategies are also very helpful for keeping up to date in the industry.

Nicola Wellsby

Monkey Puzzle



My apprenticeship with Training Strategies has been a fun and insightful experience. They have really helped me to develop my knowledge and understanding of business administration. My assessor was always casual, calm and very responsive to my schedule which was a huge help. Not only did I gain my Level 3 qualification in Business Administration but also how to apply what you learn in a practical manner in a professional environment.

Also you get paid, which is always good.



Kaitlyn Eedle

Apprenticeship Learner



I would definitely recommend Training Strategies. They were very organised and arranged an open day and met with our employees to discuss their job roles and fully explain which qualifications would best suit their job role.


A full explanation was given on what time and effort would be required to complete the award.


They seemed very focused, organised and professional throughout our discussions, they worked around our specific needs and actively engaged us as much as possible throughout the process.


The induction was conducted in a proficient and focused manner. The assessor is wonderful, very helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly; approachable. She really does go the extra mile to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Overall it has been a quality and people focused process.

Caroline Regan

Abbotsbury Rest Home



Training Strategies are truly blessed to have the friendly and helpful team they have built.


They are some of the most professional people I've ever come across. Without them I wouldn't have learned a single thing.

Tracy Fenlon

SIA Traineeship



Training strategies were recommended to us and I think they were one of the best choices we have made. I always know who to contact, where my staff are up to with their course and how they are doing.


I am definitely happy with the training we're receiving and would wholeheartedly recommend Training Strategies.


Yvonne Beswick

Just Care



During this course my confidence has improved. The lessons were relaxed, fun, comfortable and educational.


 The course has also helped with my anxiety. I feel more confident and less afraid than I was at the beginning of my course.

Jodie Wright

SIA Traineeship



My son Dominic has attended the college over the last few years and I feel I need to say a few words of gratitude on our behalf.


Dominic has suffered with mental health issues for a number of years now and was struggling to find the help and guidance he needed within society to support his desire to try and better himself, whilst opening up opportunities to work and move forward in life.


It is with great thanks and praise that I would like to thank all of the tutors who have supported Dominic and helped him through the course. They have all been so understanding and helpful and are a credit to themselves and the college.


Dominic has grown personally and mentally whilst attending the college, he has become more confident and focused.


Thank you all again so much, I hope you all continue performing such a valued and important role for the college in future.

Kim Black

Dominic's Mother, Parent



My initial contact with Training Strategies illustrated that their staff were informative and knowledgeable. This gave me the confidence that the company was efficient, as a result of this first impression I made the decision to use Training Strategies as the preferred training provider for our organisation.


Throughout my learning journey with Training Strategies I have been very impressed by my Assessor. She is extremely smart, experienced, reliable and supportive in her role and is always on hand to give advice.

Jean Carroll

Health & Social Care Level 5




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