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Course Key Facts

Course: Customer Service
Qualification: Level 1 & 2 Certificate in Customer Service
Personal Development for Employability
Why Training Strategies are the right provider for you:
  • We source and screen candidates to guarantee they are the tailored to your business.
  • There is no personal cost to your business to recruit an individual who has been upskilled to your expectations.
Course Overview
Our Customer Service employability course develops learners’ skills and industry knowledge in a range of areas, including:

  • Understanding how to deliver customer service effectively.
  • How to communicate correctly in the working environment.
  • Handling more difficult customer experiences. 


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Our Process

We establish an employability course that is structured around your organisational expectations, sourcing and screening the most suitable candidates for your company.

Our expert assessors will ensure candidates have developed a great knowledge and understanding of the industry and are equipped with the right skills for job success.

Throughout the employability course we will ensure individuals are prepared and well practiced for your business’ interview process and are fully confident for the recruitment process.

Once candidates have completed the course, you have the choice of applicants who are aware of what the job role will entail and are excited about the employment opportunity within your organisation.

When the recruitment process is complete and you have hired the most suitable candidates, we will continue to offer support as they embed into your business and settle into their new job role.

The Benefits For Your Organisation

  • It is totally FREE – there’s no cost for your business to recruit an industry-trained candidate as we secure government funding that covers the entire training process.
  • A perfect match – our teams are dedicated to sourcing the most suitable candidates that are the ideal match to your organisation.
  • Tailored to your ideals – our bespoke training courses are tailored to your business ideals to ensure candidates develop the industry skills to positively impact your organisation.
  • Employees with vast industry knowledge – our expert assessors are committed to ensuring our learners have developed an enhanced understanding of the industry in which they will be working by the time they complete the course.
  • Confidence in your team – we will build candidates’ confidence and knowledge to ensure they are fully prepared to progress through your organisation’s interview stages and excel within your workforce once hired.

Course Content

The Customer Service course is divided into 3 compulsory components (additional units can be tailored to individual organisational needs and requirements):

  • How to deliver good customer service.
  • Different methods of communication.
  • How to provide customer service in line with organisational procedures.
  • How to effectively deal with customer queries, complaints and problems.
  • Communicating in work environment.
  • Delivering effective customer service.
  • Self-assessment.
  • Working well in team.
  • Delivery of quality of customer service and dealing with issues and complaints.
  • Communicating in a business environment.
  • Self-assessment.
  • Career progression.
  • Working well in a team.
  • Delivery of quality Customer Service.

Assessment Process

The assessment process for this course includes:

  • A Portfolio of work completed during the course.

Here are some numbers we’re proud of:


of our learners have completed their training and achieved the course qualification.


of these learners were later helped into employment with the support Training Strategies.

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We are securing funding to cover all costs to train and develop candidates to your business standards and expectations, and ensuring they are fully prepared and confident for your organisations interview process.

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