Have you noticed any skills gaps within your business?

Have you considered pre-employment training courses to upskill new candidates to your business standards?

Pre-employment training programmes are a great way to help people develop the necessary skillsets to kick-start their career and ensure they create a lasting impression from the outset. However, at Training Strategies, we believe pre-employment courses are as great an opportunity for a business, as they are for an individual. Offering a vast array of OFSTED accredited programmes in a wealth of industries, our courses are tailored to your individual business ideals and will guarantee your newly recruited employees are coached and moulded into qualified and skilled experts that will drive business success and guarantee improvements.

Over the past decade of trading, we have broken the stigma and negative connotations associated with pre-employment courses, and shown the positive impact such upskilled candidates can have on a business.

Allow us at Training Strategies to boost your business through our quality bespoke pre-employment courses

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How the funding works best for you

The Education & Skills Agency have established the Adult Education Budget (AEB), which we can help candidates access for full funding for pre-employment courses for adults aged 19+, pending they meet our eligibility requirements.

As government funding covers the full amount of a pre-employment course, your business has no cost for a new employee trained specifically for the job role.

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    Pre-Employment Process

    We will manage every step:

    Establishing a programme built around your organisational needs.


    Sourcing and screening the most suitable candidates for your business.


    Upskilling them with our bespoke training and ensuring they are prepared and well practiced for your business’ assessment and interview process.


    On completion of our pre-employment courses, you will have a selection of applicants who are fully aware of what the job will entail and are excited about the prospect and opportunity of working for your organisation.


    Our involvement doesn’t stop there, once you have completed the recruitment process and chosen the candidate most suitable, we will continue to offer support as they embed into your business.

    Why use TSL as your training provider?

    With over a decade of experience, Training Strategies will ensure candidates acquire and develop relevant work based skills to meet your company expectations and drive your business forward. We want to equip people with the right skills to unleash their potential within your business. Prior to this training, our experts will select the correct calibre of candidates who match your business requirements, saving you costs associated with recruitment or staff turnover.  The fact that our courses provide a high-level of employment training and assessment guarantees you will hire a candidate who is capable of successfully performing day-to-day tasks to positively impact the business.

    The fact that our pre-employment training courses are developed with your business needs and desires in mind, is one of the reasons we are considered industry leaders in the North West.

    Having imparted our knowledge of employment training to over 3,000 learners, we are immensely proud of our success rates, with 98.6% of our pre-employment learners completing their course training. 76.4% of whom were later aided into employment with the help and support of Training Strategies.

    All of our courses are built around your company needs ensuring you recruit candidates with the right skills and attitudes to suit your business. As government funding covers the full amount of pre-employment courses, your business has no cost for a new employee trained specifically for the job role. Allow us at Training Strategies to not only upskill your pre-workforce, but drive their understanding and commitment to the business also.

    What are the Benefits of Pre-Employment Courses?

    We will source and screen a diverse range of candidates and ensure we find those that are most suitably matched to your business.

    Our pre-employment courses are tailored to your business needs to ensure candidates develop the specific skillsets you require to boost your business.

    We can help your business access government funding for pre-employment course expenses, meaning you can recruit an upskilled individual for no costs for your company.

    Before completing the course, we will ensure candidates have developed the appropriate skills and confidence to progress through to your organisation’s interview stages.

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