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Addressing Manchester's Training Needs

For over a decade, Training Strategies have delivered a vast number of apprenticeships in the North West of England; Manchester, in particular, has always been a learning hotspot for our organisation and we are so proud that during the last academic year, 17/18, we upskilled 128 apprentices in a wealth of industries and business levels within the region. We’re already well on the way to topping these figures for the current 18/19 academic year.

Through our Ofsted accredited programmes, we have broken the stereotypes associated with apprenticeships. Gone are the days when an apprentice was considered the bottom of the office hierarchy; the common misconception that an apprentice must be a teenager looking for a training opportunity to work in a particular industry has been disproven. It is in fact quite the opposite, Apprenticeships can be most effective when used to upskill your current workforce, from junior roles right through to senior management.

As the third largest city in the U.K., Manchester is fast-paced, progressive and the epicentre of business in the North West. Many Manchester organisations are well aware that apprenticeship training programmes are a great tool to upskill their workforce and have already utilised government funding to boost their business. We work closely with employers from a variety of industries, including: Business, Sales, Health and Social Care, Customer Service and Hospitality roles.

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Here's Why Manchester Companies are Choosing Apprenticeships

Training for all levels of the organisation

We can revolutionise your organisation by training your employees at all business stages, from entry level to senior management; our training ensures everybody is able to fulfil their role more effectively.

Funding for employability course

Save Money

90% fully funded courses.

Spread your 10% cost over 5 months to offset major expenses.


Leadership & Management Level 5 = £5,000.
Government funding covers £4,500.
Your costs are £500 (split over 5 months, so £100 per month).

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Investing in Your Future Growth

Investing in employee training ensures they are committed to the business and building a future within the organisation.

Filling Those Skills Gaps

Our flexible approach ensures we can help your business address any skills gaps and make sure they are filled.

Bespoke to Your Organisation

The induction of the new Apprenticeship Standard puts the power in your hands, the employer, as you are heavily involved in the design and delivery of your employees’ training.

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On-the-job Training

On-the-job accredited training minimises disruptions of studying on employees’ day-to-day workload.

Improves Staff Retention

It is proven that newly qualified team members feel more appreciated and more loyal to an employer who believes in their working ability.

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A More Motivated Workforce

We develop employees’ skills and industry knowledge meaning they are able to fulfil their role more effectively within your business.

An Unlimited Budget

Whether you’re a levy paying organisation or not, you have the opportunity to utilise government funding to upskill your workforce.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are:

  • Employment-training programmes that are delivered on the job, ensuring apprentices are not only developing theoretical skills but also putting new practical skills to the test from the offset.
  • A great opportunity to develop all levels of your workforce and improve employee retention.
  • A boost to your business that will give your team the skills and confidences to excel within your industry.
  • FREE funding opportunities; whether you’re a levy payer or not, we can secure government funding that has minimal financial impact on your organisation.

Where do we operate in Greater Manchester?

















And all points beyond.

Manchester & The Levy

Manchester Apprentice

As of April 2017, the government’s Apprenticeship Levy came into effect and has impacted both Levy and Non-Levy paying organisations in the Manchester and Greater Manchester region.For nearly two years the Levy has been a constant headache for most, but at Training Strategies we’re more than happy to be the tonic required to ease such pains. Our experts are always on hand to help; perhaps you don’t fully understand what the Apprenticeship Levy is, but it is a constant reoccurrence in your business world that is not going away anytime soon. At Training Strategies, we will help you make the most of government funding opportunities available.

From its establishment, the main aim of the Apprenticeship Levy has been to encourage organisations to have apprentices within their workforce. It is a compulsory government funding system that charges organisations with a wage bill of £3 million or higher per year, monthly contributions at a rate of 0.5%.

If you’re a Levy paying company, the money you have been paying since April 2017 will lay untouched in a Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account until utilised solely for apprenticeship training. If you don’t reinvest these funds back into your organisation before April 2019, you risk losing what you have already spent to other organisations who can use the money in your account to train and develop their workforce.

If you’re a Non-Levy paying company, you’re automatically eligible to enrol employees on apprenticeships and the government fund 90% of the cost. For as little as 10% of a course fee, your business can reap the benefits of an upskilled employee who has a greater understanding of their job role.

Free Apprenticeship Consultation

Before you make any decisions about training your workforce, our experts are on hand to talk you through the entire process, starting with addressing any skills gaps within your organisation.

Our free apprenticeship consultation is delivered at your workforce and we will ensure you are receiving the highest standard of information, advice and guidance tailored to your organisational training needs.

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