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Pre-Employment Courses

For the past decade it has been our mission to provide unemployed members of our communities with the training, guidance and support to help make employment a reality. Our pre-employment courses are a great opportunity for your business as they wont cost you anything, are tailored to your individual organisational ideals and will guarantee your newly recruited employees are coached and moulded into qualified and skilled experts that will drive business success and guarantee improvements.

At Training Strategies, we are more than happy to manage every aspect of the pre-employment course. Here’s what we do:

  • Establish a training programme built around your organisational needs.
  • Source and screen the most suitable candidates for your business.
  • Secure government funding to cover all course costs, meaning you have nothing to pay.
  • Upskill candidates with our bespoke training and ensure they are prepared and well practiced for your business’ assessment and interview process.
  • On completion of our pre-employment courses, you will have a selection of applicants who are fully aware of what the job will entail and are excited about the prospect and opportunity of working for your organisation.
  • Our involvement doesn’t stop there, once you have completed the recruitment process and chosen the candidate most suitable, we will continue to offer support as they embed into your business.


There’s never been a better time to complete an apprenticeship. At Training Strategies we want to revitalise and revolutionise your business through the employee training and skills development courses we offer. Whether you’re an Apprenticeship Levy payer, or are free to take advantage of the government’s 90% co-investment funding, employment programmes are going to play a major part in the success of your business’ future.

Here’s what we do:

Before the course …

  • Our experts will guide you through the entire process – beginning by addressing any skills gaps within your business that our Ofsted accredited training programmes can fill.
  • As apprenticeships are work-based programmes, we will liaise with you to guide your employee to a training course that is appropriate and relevant to their current job role and business level.

During the course….

  • 80% of the course will be completed on the job, putting your employees’ newly developed skills into practice from the offset. The remaining 20% will be spent working closely with their assessor. This will develop their theoretical industry knowledge and understanding of how their newly developed skillsets can help to improve your business.
  • Our highly skilled coaches will provide constant support and guidance during the apprenticeship, ensuring your employee is confident and comfortable at all times.
  • Depending on the course being completed and the industry in which you’re working, your candidate may also complete free Functional Skills English and Maths courses to increase confidence and knowledge.
  • As part of the apprenticeship programme, candidates may be required to complete an End-point Assessment (EPA) carried out by an independent organisation, which tests everything they have covered during the course.

Once they’ve completed …

  • Once the training programme is complete, your employee will achieve their qualification and receive their course certificates.
  • Depending on the level your employee has completed, they may be able to progress on to higher levels of the programme.

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