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Course Key Facts

Course: Facilities & Cleaning
Study Period: 12+ Months
Highfield Level 2 Cleaning & Support Services (Framework)

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Our Process

  • Our experts will guide you through the complete process – starting by addressing any skills gaps within your organisation that our Ofsted accredited training programmes can fill.
  • As apprenticeships are work-based programmes, we will liaise with you to guide your employee to a training course that is appropriate and relevant to their current job role and business level.
  • 80% of the course will be completed on the job, putting your employees’ newly developed skills into practice from the offset. For the remaining 20%, apprentices complete off-the-job training, which includes: online learning, training and shadowing delivered by the employer, industry visits and time spent writing and completing assessments.
  • Our highly skilled coaches will provide constant support and guidance during the apprenticeship, ensuring your employee is confident and comfortable at all times.
  • Depending on the industry in which you’re working, your candidate may also be eligible to complete free Functional Skills English and Maths courses to increase confidence and knowledge.
  • As part of the apprenticeship, candidates may be required to complete an End-point Assessment (EPA) carried out by an independent organisation, which tests everything covered during the course.
  • Upon completion of the programme, your employee will achieve their qualification and receive their course certificates.
  • Depending on the apprenticeship your employee has completed, they may be able to progress on to higher levels of the programme.


  • Training for the entire organisation:

We will revolutionise your organisation by training your employees at all business levels, from entry to senior management; our training ensures everybody is able to fulfil their role more effectively.

  • Save Money:
    • 95% fully funded courses.
    • Spread your 5% cost over 5 months to offset major expenses.
  • Investing in Your Future Growth:

Investing in employee training ensures they are committed to the business and look to build a future within the organisation.

  • Filling Those Skills Gaps:

Our flexible approach ensures we can help your business address any skills gaps and make sure they are filled.

  • On-the-job Training:

On-the-job accredited training minimises disruptions of studying on employees’ day-to-day workload.

Course Overview

The Level 2 Diploma in Cleaning & Support Services Skills is aimed at those working within the cleaning sector. The course further develops apprentices’ competence against the cleaning and support services national occupational standards and is ideal for those looking to advance their understanding of this industry sector.

Assessment Process

These apprenticeships are assessed through the work completed during the course and submitted in a portfolio of evidence to the course assessor. In order to achieve this qualification, apprentices must demonstrate that they have met the required assessment criteria.

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