Apprenticeships - Are you looking to boost your business and invest in its future growth?

Have you considered employee-training programmes to upskill and futureproof your workforce?

We’re guessing you probably haven’t, but at Training Strategies, we believe it’s a business opportunity that you must not neglect. Offering a vast array of OFSTED accredited apprenticeship training programmes in a wealth of industries, our apprenticeship courses are tailored to your individual business ideals and will guarantee your employees are coached and moulded into qualified and skilled experts that will drive business success and guarantee improvements.

Stereotypically, apprenticeships and employee training programmes have long been associated with post-GCSE students; sixteen year olds who are desperately trying to clutch at any opportunity to avoid returning to full-time education.

Over the past decade of business, we’ve broken this stigma and looked at the positive impact apprenticeship courses can have on employees and businesses as a whole. We think it is important for you to know that your training opportunities aren’t strictly limited to newly recruited team members, a common misconception, but can also be used to upskill existing employees at all business levels.

At Training Strategies we want to revitalise and revolutionise your business through the employee training and skills development courses we offer. Whether you’re an Apprenticeship Levy payer, or are free to take advantage of the government’s 90% co-investment apprenticeship funding, meaning you’re only required to pay the final 10% of a course cost, training and employment programmes are going to play a major part in the success of your business’ future.

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    Apprenticeship Reform

    The Institute of Apprenticeships has launched English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision, a reform to raise the quality of apprenticeships, and to replace the old apprenticeship Frameworks by 2020. During this transition period, Training Strategies are continuing to deliver Apprenticeship Frameworks and have also introduced the new Apprenticeship Standard structure.

    A Standard is the newly established Apprenticeship training reform introduced by the government. Apprenticeship Standards put power in the hands of the employer as they’re involved in both the design and delivery of the new standards; they are occupation-focused and the learning happens throughout the apprenticeship, with the apprentice assessed at the end. Before achieving their qualification, they must be able to prove they can carry out all aspects of their job. They develop transferrable skills and gain credibility too.

    How the apprenticeship funding works best for you

    In April 2017, the government introduced the Apprenticeship Levy, a compulsory funding system that charges businesses, with a pay bill of £3 million or higher, monthly contributions at a rate of 0.5%.

    If you’re a levy paying company, the monthly payments your business has made will lay dormant in a Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account until used solely for apprenticeship training. If the funds you have accrued in your pot are not reinvested back into your business before the government deadline expires, you risk losing it to other businesses that then have the chance to exploit your money for their own growth and prosperity.

    If your business does not qualify to pay into the levy funding pot, you’re automatically eligible to enrol employees on training courses and the government will fund 95% of the cost. Meaning for as little as 5% of a course cost price, you can reap the benefits of an enhanced and upskilled employee within your business.

    With your employees' drive to succeed, your support and backing and our expert guidance and training, together we will revolutionise your business.

    Why use TSL as your training provider?

    Gone are the days when an apprentice was considered the bottom of the office hierarchy, completing mundane tasks to free up more senior members of the team. At Training Strategies we’re showing how through our OFSTED accredited employment training courses, you can train existing or new employees at all levels to unleash their potential within your business.


    With over a decade of experience, Training Strategies will manage every aspect of a training programme and are completely focused on ensuring you’re investing wisely in the development of employee skills that will bring a strong ROI for your business. According to National Apprenticeship Data, 96% of employers have agreed that training and developing their workforce has greatly benefitted their organisation. While 92% of employers believe that upskilled and newly qualified employees have increased motivation and helped to improve workforce satisfaction.

    Having imparted our knowledge of industry training to over 3,000 learners, we are so proud of our achievement rate of 98.4% (significantly higher than the national average of 85.4%). With the guidance and support of our expert assessors, the programmes we offer at Training Strategies will transform the career of a member of your team, greatly impacting your business also. As our specialists will guarantee you have invested in training that is most suitable to your business, you will notice an increase in revenue and business growth as a result. The fact that our training courses are developed with employers’ needs and desires in mind, is one of the reasons we are considered industry leaders in the North West for apprenticeships and employment training.

    We are well aware of the financial pressures businesses face each month, and so we have established flexible payment plans to overcome such issues and offset major expenses that could potentially lead to your business suspending any employee training plans. With the Apprenticeship Levy deadline fast approaching, it is important for all businesses to act fast and ensure they do not miss out on any opportunities to upskill employees; the introduction of our flexible payment plans, ranging from a minimum of £50 per month, will ensure your company can benefit from employee training and that monthly outgoings are more manageable.

    "The high standard of apprenticeships our team has completed has enhanced their workforce skillsets, encouraged them to participate more and improved motivation, all of which has helped with staff retention. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Training Strategies Ltd" - Care Concern

    What are the Benefits of Employee Training for Your Business?

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    Training courses develop employee skills and enhance their industry knowledge meaning they are able to fulfil their role more effectively within your business.

    For a small monthly payment, your business can benefit from an upskilled team member, offsetting any major training costs.

    It is proven that newly qualified team members feel more appreciated and more loyal to an employer who believes in their working ability enough to invest in their future within the company.

    The wide range of bespoke training courses available within Training Strategies can help your business address any employee skill gaps and ensure they’re filled.

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