Prevent Duty

At Training Strategies, we are so proud to support and embody BRITISH VALUES and the PREVENT DUTY provision within our organisation, embedding all aspects of these into the work we do on a daily basis.

What is Prevent Duty?

In 2015, The Counter Terrorism & Security Act became a law, which included a provision titled Prevent Duty that meant all educational training providers must have “due regard” to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. The law requires organisations to provide appropriate training for all employees involved in the implementation of this duty and ensure as a training provider we maintain British Values in the learning/working environment.

Training Strategies & Prevent Duty

We are working alongside government laws and legislations to tackle radicalisation in our society, paying close attention to our learners for any noticeable issues, changes in behaviours or any other concerns that may leave them vulnerable to extremism. As an organisation, Training Strategies are attentive and vigilant at all times, and remain dedicated to ensuring we are well aware of our employees’ and learners’ well-being.

How We Embody the Principles of British Values

Training Strategies are proud to express the principles of British Values in everything we do. Here’s how we consistently use these core principles:

• Democracy

We understand the importance of democracy and freedom of speech that ensures nobody is discriminated against because of factors such as: age, sexuality, race, religion, gender. For us, democracy is essential because our working and learning environment is one where everybody is treated with the equality and dignity they deserve.

• Individual Liberty

Though we adhere to the laws and acceptable behaviours of our society, we also understand the importance of freedom of speech and the freedom a person has to think and act in a manner that is true to them.

As a trainer provider, we encourage our learners to understand and exercise their personal rights, and our employees and assessors advise them how to apply these safely within the learning environment.

• Mutual Respect & Tolerance of Different Cultures and Faiths

At Training Strategies, we believe that some of the oldest clichés are the truest, most importantly: treat others, as you wish to be treated.

We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive organisation; regardless of a person’s ethnicity, background or personality, we strive to ensure everybody respects one another and has the common decency to behave appropriately. Our ethos encourages everybody to have a strong tolerance in the learning and working environment, where different values, faiths, cultures and races are valued as much as each other, regardless of whether they are the same as others.

We understand everybody has differences, but at Training Strategies it is the things that unite us as decent humans that are most important for us.

• The Rule of Law

We ensure our learners are aware of the pivotal role of laws and that they understand what is acceptable and unacceptable in society. A number of our industry specific training courses incorporate key aspects of our laws, ensuring our learners understand the legal rules and regulations in place not only within the learning environment, but also the working sector once they are qualified.

For more information and guidance about PREVENT DUTY & BRITISH VALUES please use the link below:

Prevent Duty & British Values

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