“Now that I have successfully completed my Apprenticeship and achieved my qualification, I plan to use to the knowledge I have obtained in the day-to-day activities of my job role, consolidating what I have learnt”.

Apprenticeship: Leadership & Management Level 5

This Apprenticeship qualification offers leadership and managerial training and covers the knowledge and skills required to manage the operations of a department. It includes: the interpersonal, leadership and management skills required to succeed in a management position. Learners will develop an understanding of how to manage the performance of team members and how to enhance team performance whilst managing their own work effectively to meet team and organisational objectives.

Prior Qualifications

  • MSC Engineering: Process Safety
  • BSC (Hons.) Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Career Progression

Paulo started as an Engineering Manager (Engineering Safety Consultant) and was promoted to an Associate Director.

Skills Developed

  • The ability to lead, motivate and drive better results.
  • Manage group behaviour and ensure high performance.
  • Planning, monitoring and managing resources.
  • Raise professional profile within organisation.
  • Core management techniques to provide practical leadership and operational management skills.
  • Improving quality and managing change within the organisation.

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