“Training Strategies gave me the chance to start working in an industry I was genuinely interested in and even paid for my taxi license. I can’t thank them enough for everything”.

What’s been the highlight of your course?

For me, the entire course has been great and there is not one particular part that I enjoyed most. I am so happy to have been given the chance to develop my knowledge of working as a taxi driver as it a job that gives me the freedom to work flexible hours that are suitable to my personal circumstances. I am happy to have completed the course.

What is it like learning with Training Strategies?

I’ve really enjoyed the course programme and learning with Training Strategies. I have learnt so much from the assessor and really benefited from the different parts of the training. Not only have they helped develop my skills, they also paid for my taxi license once I’d completed the course, which saved me £254. The thing about this company is their help doesn’t stop once you’re trained; they’ve paid for my license and even put me in contact with local taxi organisations to arrange interviews for jobs.

What skills did you develop on the course?

There were lots of different skills that I developed on the course. For example, I am now confident with health and safety on the road and in the taxi and also with vehicle maintenance and safety inspections. Part of the course focused on customer service skills and so I was trained to understand how to deliver effective customer service and how to deal with complaints and issues.

How was your experience training with our assessor?

The assessor was very friendly and always willing to help with anything we needed. She always made sure everybody on the course understand the specific section we were doing and was great in preparing us for the exams. Her teaching methods were exactly what we needed to do well.

What are your plans now you have completed your apprenticeship?

Now that I have completed the course, Training Strategies have put me in touch with local taxi organisations that they work with to help me find a job. I have an interview within the next week and can hopefully start working soon.

What would you say to somebody considering an apprenticeship with Training Strategies?

I would definitely recommend the course to anybody interested in working as a taxi driver. It is worthwhile for as it is totally free and doesn’t cost anything, and Training Strategies even pay for your taxi license, worth £254, once you’ve completed the course.

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