"Training Strategies have been a great provider of Apprenticeship programmes. They have remained in constant communication with our employee and with our organisation also."

IKO is well established as a UK market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of roofing, waterproofing and insulation systems. As an organisation, they are committed to investing in new product solutions, new manufacturing facilities and achieving excellence at every level.

Apprenticeships we have delivered within IKO

• Operations/Departmental Manager (Level 5)
• Leadership & Management (Level 4)
• Performing Manufacturing Operations (Level 2)
• Team Leading (Level 2)

IKO currently have 2 live learners completing an Apprenticeship with Training Strategies.

We sat down with Paula Leigh, Learning & Development Coordinator at IKO, to discuss Apprenticeship training programmes.

What initially interested your organisation in upskilling your workforce through Apprenticeships with Training Strategies?

We welcome employees who are keen to develop their skills and be the best for themselves and the business. The fact that we can use the Apprenticeship Levy to pay for these qualifications means we can maximise the best course for the employees to ensure what we choose adds value to the role.

Has any of your team been promoted/progressed within their career as a result of completing an apprenticeship programme?

Not yet - however, I have faith that we will see this in the future as we have people who are completing Apprenticeships in various roles.

How valuable are apprenticeships for your business?

Apprenticeships play a huge part in our group. We aim to grow the number of employees who are enrolled on such training programmes as we actively promote learning and apprenticeships throughout the business. By investing in our staff they feel valued and promote the positivity throughout their roles.

Are apprenticeships good value for money for the organisation?

Yes - we will always look to use our Levy and suggest an Apprenticeship that works well for our individual where we can.

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