Our Achievements

The work and support we provide matters to us, whether it is for an individual seeking an apprenticeship or training opportunity, or a business looking to upskill any existing or new employees, we are immensely proud that:

of our learners achieve their qualification

of employers would recommend us


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  2. About Us
  3. Our Achievements
  4. The Circle of Success
  5. Our Values

About Us

As a leading provider of employment training in the U.K., we at Training Strategies are proud of the positive reputation we have established with businesses and learners during our decade of trading. Our innovative, independent and influential approach has propelled individual employability opportunities and ensured business growth and performance success for companies through our OFSTED accredited quality training, apprenticeships and employability programmes.

Our results speak for themselves: in the past year we have aided over 3,000 people nationwide back into work, developing their industry skills and knowledge to guarantee employment success.

Our Values: ADAPT

At the heart of everything we do are our corporate values. We promote them as the behaviours our organisation and staff display and embrace. We are proud that these help us to continuously grow.

Above and beyond

We expect our entire organisation; teams and staff members to go above and beyond to deliver a service that exceeds expectations and ensures high quality training and valuable and transferable qualifications are achieved.


We strive to think outside o f the box and approach everything in a unique manner, which sets us apart from other training providers. We will continue to innovate and source new techniques and ideas to guarantee success.


We are ambitious for our company, our staff and our clients; we work tirelessly to improve and expand or services to match local demand.

People focused

We know our people are the best and want to share this with everyone. We invest in our staff, and together we invest in our clients. We promote from within and build a friendly atmosphere that ensures people can thrive and develop.


At the heart o f TSL is people working together for brighter futures. We understand that together we are stronger and our teams unite to achieve common goals.

Though we are based in the North West, our training services expand much further afield. We understand the importance of equal opportunities and strive to ensure everybody has a fair chance to succeed within employment throughout the country. As a result of this, we operate nationally, providing employability courses from as far North as Newcastle, to the Midlands and as far South as London, as well as all major cities and pre-employment hotspots in between, including: Sunderland, Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Bolton, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Chester, Wolverhampton and many others.

Whether you’re an employer or a learner, our experience in employee training for organisations of various sizes ensures that when using our services you’re partnered with industry experts for workforce skills development. Our services extend to all: from the unemployed who are looking for skills training to begin work in a new job sector, or for an employee at any level looking to progress within a business, our courses cover a wide range of industries and levels.

Liverpool Apprenticeships and Pre employment awards

At Training Strategies, we are already aware of the potential of your current workforce, and through our courses we will upskill your existing employees using the most successful and proven training techniques to guarantee accelerated business achievements. Perhaps it’s not a current member of staff that you want to develop, but you’re looking to hire a new employee, who has completed our pre-employment course training, to fill a noticeable gap in your business. We offer bespoke courses designed with your business needs in mind, incorporating the latest training methods to ensure your new employee is a highly capable and skilled addition to the team.

Working with over 300 employers from a wealth of industries, our vocational coaches provide exceptional information, advice and guidance to ensure individual and wider business success. Our assessors are professional, approachable and experienced individuals who are committed to delivering unique and uplifting training to the highest standards.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading provider of high quality service sector employability and apprenticeship programmes throughout the U.K.

Our Mission

To contribute to nationwide economic growth by upskilling individuals and businesses, working with partners to promote education and skills as the key to prosperity and sustainable employment.

The Circle of Success

At Training Strategies, we promote the Circle of Success – a principle that upholds the infinite structure of our successes. We believe that by working in partnership with Training Strategies and with our help choosing the correct employment or training programme, you will positively impact, upskill and add value to an individual employee. Therefore, futureproofing your business and ensuring wider company growth and prosperity through such training investments. Thus, completing our Circle of Success, which begins and ends with Training Strategies.